July 17, 2017

Blocked Heart chakra

The heart chakra is located in the chest area and bridges the lower and upper chakras. In effect, it connects the physical with the spiritual. When the energy in this center is disturbed or blocked, you may experience a resurgence of painful or negative emotions.

Physical imbalances include asthma, heart disease, lung disease, issues with breasts, lymphatic systems, upper back and shoulder problems, arm and wrist pain. Heart disease, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, abnormal heart rhythms, arrythmias and congenital heart disease are just some of the physical manifestations of heart chakra imbalance. Lung and respiratory issues including asthma, pulmonary disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia can also arise. Breast cancer and upper back issues can result, and a disruption to the thymus gland can impede immune system functioning.

Emotional imbalances include two main issues of the heart: Over-active Heart chakra and Under-active Heart chakra.

When your heart chakra is under-active, your love may have conditions, “I will only love you if you are this way….” and you are more likely than not a “people pleaser”, afraid that you will not be liked or accepted by others around you. You may find yourself in a relationship with a partner where you are always giving but not receiving, always forgiving, and “cleaning up” after them, whether it be emotionally, or physically. Co-dependancy can result from this, and you may find it hard to let go, of any relationship, that no longer serves your Highest Good.

You will probably be very negative in your thinking and may find it very difficult to keep a positive outlook on life when your heart chakra is under-active. You may feel unloved, unworthy and unappreciated, and this will manifest in the world around you, only confirming these “beliefs” about yourself. It is very likely that with an under-active chakra that you’re choosing the people you love, and the people you do not love. You have a hard time trusting others, and may have a difficult time “letting” them in, keeping yourself at a distance.

Open your Heart chakra

The Law of Giving and Receiving governs the heart chakra. It is central to our ability to give and receive love, and love is the base and source of all healing. Love comes from three main sources - from within ourselves (self-love), from others, and from a Universal source (Divine Love).

The lesson of the Heart is that we first must Love and Accept ourselves before we can Love Others. Practicing self-love and self-respect are key to heart chakra healing. This is best accomplished by tuning into the spiritual part of yourself - your soul or essence - and radiating love to the human part of yourself. Send love and gratitude toward what you appreciate about yourself, and forgiveness and compassion toward your shortcomings. Over time, you will develop a strong core of self-love which will radiate from your heart chakra and help keep it balanced.

Be open with your emotions.

Any way you want! Whether you write them down or scream out loud, you need to let them out. Be extremely honest and open with every word; don’t hold anything back. Write coming from the heart — it’s always painful, but it’s part of the healing process. Even if you have no intention of anyone else reading what you write, it's so helpful to put your feelings into words so that you can become comfortable, aware, and at peace with it.

Stop clinging to your feelings. Practice the art of acceptance. Practice letting go of anger or fear in your everyday life.

You get what you give. Practicing yoga really helps with this, because it teaches you to live in the present moment. Dwelling in past loves or past problems only brings us down, and if we stress about the future then we aren't living fully. Like most things in life, it’s easier said than done. Do yourself a favor and consciously work on this one!

A good rule of thumb is "If you can’t change it, forget it." Why stress about something or someone you have no control over? It’s a waste of time and energy. Instead, focus on what you can control. That’s what will bring you contentment and happiness. Set your daily intention to going with the flow and letting it be.

When you find yourself holding onto a negative emotion, take a deep breath and imagine a green light pouring into your body and washing it away, filling you with love. With practice, this will help you avoid falling into those negative patterns and react from a place of compassion instead.

Be thankful for what you already have.

The grass isn’t always greener. It’s often human nature to naysay. Resist the urge to find fault in everything.

Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, write down at least three things you were grateful for; when you wake up the next morning, read what you wrote the previous night. Breathe that feeling of gratitude in and out of your heart chakra as you begin your day.

Practice kindness.

Try and make it a habit to send genuine good wishes to yourself and others. The Buddhist metta (lovingkindness) prayer is an excellent way to do this.

Since a blockage in the fourth chakra makes it difficult to give, getting out and volunteering can help release old fears. Choose a charity that speaks to you and that allows you to share your talents with others. Since being in the fresh air is healing, something that allows you to be outdoors is even better.

Maintain balance.

During that process, focusing on the heart chakra alone will still help manage the symptoms. Meditation and energy healing focusing on the heart will help even out the flow of energy through it.

Air is the element of the Anahata or Heart chakra and the color associated with it is Green. So be green, see green, breath green! Getting outdoors and into nature can help manage an overactive heart chakra. Nature and its green allure are excellent support to harmonize imbalanced energy. Hiking through the forest or simply sitting outside on a nice day restores balance. Even opening a window and letting the fresh air blow through your home or office could give you a good start.

Herbs have amazing healing and medicinal properties – you only have to look at their traditional use in China and India to know that they have incredible health benefits. If you fancy trying your hand at horticulture but the limits of London flat sizes has stopped you, try growing herbs indoors – even if you kill them within the week at least you’ll have a handful or two of lovely fresh herbs! Herbs for the heart include coriander, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, tarragon, rosemary, thyme and chives. If you really don’t have the green thumb for growing your own herbs, invest in some tasty herbal tisanes. A mint tea in the morning instead of the double-espresso-with-a-shot-of-vanilla-and-chocolate-powder is a refreshingly calming alternative.

When your Heart chaka is balanced, you will feel a great compassion for all living creatures, and will recognize their amazing intelligence. You will be kind, caring, understand, joyous and outgoing, feeling completely at ease with yourself and the people in your life. You will understand others and accept them for who they are; you will not judge or be critical of their actions. Spending time alone is something you do not mind, and you are not rushing into one relationship after another, in fact, you would rather wait for the “right” one to come to you – because you know it will come to you when the time is right.

Chakras become overactive because they are compensating for blocked energy in other chakras, so part of healing an overactive heart chakra is to learn which other chakras are blocked and work on opening them. This can be accomplished by working on all the chakras, or by going to an intuitive or energy healer to help locate and work on the blocked chakra. Balancing all seven chakras is always beneficial.

- JJ -