July 12, 2017

Sometime your situation is really bad. You are totally depressed, hopeless, hypersensitive,... and undoubtedly these negative emotions are causing physical problems. But the worst is you even don’t want to share with your family, friends or any acquaintances. You might think that there are no one, nothing can save your soul. But what if some “strangers” could help? They haven’t known you yet but they are willing to hear you truly, heal you deeply. Yes, God is real. He is always inside you, He exists here and there and somewhere called spiritual community.

Destroying the old you and replacing it with a new and improved version takes guts and it is easy to becoming disheartened and lose your balance. Doing it all by yourself can be nearly impossible. One way to stay focused and optimistic is by belonging to a spiritual community.

Having a deeply connected conscious community of people with whom you share significant parts of your inner and outer lives fills a need that is not filled through a romantic connection.

Community is connection. Connection, first of all, started with listening and to be listened. Diffirent spiritual communities have diffirent missions, some of them are a social network of people that is lightly linked around spiritual subject matters, some are transformative and deep spiritual communities. But all of them must have the basic core value: listen and to be listened.

That sounds so normal, you do it everyday. Wait a second! Are you sure you listen to someone without any distraction and in contrast? The secret is here. Actually, it is really hard for you or anyone to listen with 100% of concentration. We get used to listening to the key points or just listen to what we like. What about others? What will you get when we listen to those “redundant informations”?

Patience. Concentration. Compassion. Listening is the first steps to the meditation. Verbal listening is the easiest, then non-verbal listening: the wind, the water, the sun,..., the heart. Almost trouble you have is because you did it wrong in the first steps. It’s hard but it need to be learned. When you are able to understand others, you are able to understand yourself too. Till you know how to listen, you will know if you are listened or not. You listen to others, you help them but you help yourself more. Others listen to you, you are being helped one more time.

We believe that a spiritual community teach you how to listen and listen to your both sound and silence can do anything with you to raise your God up and bring the Evil down. Hoping you will find the one you have been looking for!

- JJ -