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Life is a journey!

My dad is German and my mom is Japanese. I am a mixture of Western and Eastern culture. Both my mom and dad are fascinated in different civilizations all over the world. So they started living in different countries and experienced the life of people there.

Iam Mike Eggers, I was born in Sarnath,India. When I was 10, I moved to Germany and lived with my big family till the age of 28. Then with the curiousity about Eastern people and the place where I was born, I came back to India.

People said that Eastern culture is a big mystery and it really is. Just like my parents, I have travelled quite a lot and seen a lot of different traditions and customs from East to West. But what impressed me most isthe Eastern one. They are huge, wonderful and amazing.

My destination

In India,I have experienced the Buddhist philosophy, studied in-depth and used abundant resources to find the direction for many questionable anwsers.I used to think some of Buddhist beliefs were quite superstitious but when I understood the essence of them, everything was clear. One of them has changed my life entirely.

Buddhists believe that everything is interconnected – every object, being, and concept is connected to what caused it, and what is around it. Also known as ‘emptiness’, Buddhists try to see that there is nothing in the universe that is not connected to everything else.

Not only human has soul but also every single thing such asstone, flower, seed, wood, crystal, etc has its own spiritual meaning. We all absorb the energy back and forth every moment. We are what we eat, we are what we do, we are what we believe, we are what around us. Nowadays, all around us are technical and industrial equipments which bring us more convenience and exhaustion at the same time. Why not keep something with good energy nearby ourselves? What can it be?

Meditation and nature are the perfect combination for you to find the inner peace. If you haven’t had time yet for meditation, you still can enjoy nature. The more I love nature, the more I want to bring it back to modern life purely. It is like singers were born to sing, teachers were born to teach, I was born to make this happen!

Why us?

We are not only selling accessories, but we are also building a bridge between the West and the East. You won’t buy a thing that makes you look much prettier, you will buy a thing that makes your soul much brighter.

- Mike Eggers -