Auspicious Hand Knotted Bracelet

This pineapple charm Tibetan bracelet is hand woven, using multi-color rope strands accented by attractive golden pineapple knot. 

The sound of the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the sound of “good luck coming your way,” so the pineapple has become a popular traditional feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

In Buddhist tradition, cotton thread was been blessed in advance by a Buddhist monk and is known as ‘sai sin‘. The sai sin was supposed to provide protection and good health to the person wearing it.

The bracelet is such a gorgeous item that will add an elegant touch to your style and vibe. It is finished with a lace-up clasp and a red stone in the end, which you can adjust the size to fit your wrist.

  • Gender: men and women
  • Material: cotton thread
  • Length: Adjustable 16.5 cm (6.5  inches ) to  around 21 cm ( 8.26 inches)

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