“Back from the Death” the set 2 bracelets

Since ancient times a skull  was regarded a symbol of strength, life and death, and regeneration. Several deities were represented by skulls and they have long been seen to signify change and transformation.

Black Agate is a stone of strength & energy. However, since agate is also a grounding stone, it does not increase energy at all times, but rather enables bursts of energy as needed. In this way, agate is a conservation stone, and enhances longevity.

This item is perfect for casual wear, is built to last. It is crafted from the finest high-quality materials. They look wonderful and perfectly crafted to attract so much look onto yourself.

  • Gender: men
  • Materials: black agate, hematite
  • Color: silver, black gun
  • Size: 20cm
  • Beads size: 6mm

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