Blooming Season Sandalwood Mala

Sandalwood is one of the traditional materials used for malas. A soothing, peaceful and ancient wood. It is said to attract positive subtle vibrations! Sandalwood is an antidepressant, antiseptic, insecticidal, and sedative wood.

This 108 beads mala are for counting mantra repetitions in Tibetan Buddhism. 108 mala beads are said to represent the number of earthly desires which common mortals have, and one must overcome 108 sinful desires to reach enlightenment. This Tibetan Buddhist mala can be used for prayer, or worn as a fashion mala necklace or mala bracelet with good blessings.

The mala is also adorned with a silver plated Buddha charm and a gourd, which is a symbol of longevity and good health.

Don’t be afraid if you can wear it regularly, as we put many vibrant colors to the mala so that it can mix-and-match with many items and help your outfits stand out.

Look best when worn as a bracelet.

  • Gender: unisex
  • Materials: sandalwood, metal.
  • Length: approx. 70cm
  • Beads diameter: 6mm

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