Bud and Flower Necklace

The pendant of the necklace is a combination of a red bead, a beautiful carved lotus bud and a blooming lotus flower, both made from white jade.

White Jade (also known as “mutton fat jade”) is a calming, grounding stone that also protectsthe wearer from negative energies.  It brings peace, harmony and luck.  White Jade is also wonderful in the decision-making process, as it blocks distractions, allowing for the best results to reveal themselves (which makes it especially useful for children).

In Buddhism the Lotus flower is known to symbolize purityof speech, of the body, and of the mind. It is fabled that Siddhartha Gautama (Gautama Buddha), whose teaching Buddhism is founded upon, left a trail of Lotus Flowers in his wake with every step that he took. Perhaps the major Lotus flower symbolism is its association with spiritual awakening or enlightenment.

  • Gender: Women 
  • Materials: White jade, red stone
  • Length: 48cm
  • Pendant length: 4cm.

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