Buddha Charm Dragon Blood Bracelet

This bracelet will surprise you with the bright redness of the stone that will definitely shine upyour watch when they are worn together.

Moreover, it is cinnabar stone! It’s an awesome gemstone that is well composed of the metaphysical powers. This talisman is considered as a Stone of Manifestation that is used for wealth creation. Cinnabar is also stimulating to the emotional body, assisting to release buried resentment, anger and fear. It is believed to aid with issues of infertility, sexual dysfunction and the causes of weight issues. 

There are also black polished copper beads between every stone in order to give you the stronger impression of these “Dragon Blood” gemstones. 

And what is more satisfying than a Buddha Charm that was finely carved in a black copper piece just to add more meaning, power and peace of mind for wearer?

This is a perfect item to go with any watch as well as an ideal gift for your men!

  • Gender: Men
  • Bracelet size: 175mm – 250mm
  • Charm size: 10mm
  • Stone beads size: 7mm
  • Materials: Cinnabar stone, copper.
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