Diamond in the Dark the bracelet

For those who don’t know, OM (also called AUM) is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hindu religion. The three letters A, U and M represent the waking, dream and deep sleep states. The silence between successive repetitions of the mantra represents the fourth state called ‘turiya’ (literally the ‘fourth’ in Sanskrit), a state that transcends these three states. These three states correspond to the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious states of the mind.


The continued recitation of OM (called Udgita Pranayama) fills one with peace, calmness, tranquility and serenity. It brings us closer to our true nature, our own pure self.


Made of silver plated stainless steel, we hope the OM charm will bring you calmness and comfortmore than ever before.


The design also includes black agate: in the spiritual cultures of Europe, India, Nepal and Tibet, agate is a symbol of health, wealth and longevity. They consider the stone as the lucky charm that can bring happiness and prosperity to human. It is also believed that wearing agate can reduce the conservatism, pressure; resolve conflicts and bring peace and good luck. For pregnant women, wearing agate can help relieve the pain during giving births.



  • Gender: unisex
  • Materials: silver-plated stainless steel, black agate
  • Size: 170mm – 220mm






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