Dynamic Energy Natural Stone Bracelet

The perfect combination of Tiger Eyes and Lava Stone.

Boost your energy with this bracelet composed of the pearl of tiger eyes and volcanic rock.

This natural lava stone aims to re-energizethe energy thanks to its powerful magnetic powercoming from the magma that was forged for millions of years when the planet was created. This natural magnetism will positively influence your life and even that of your loved ones.

The Tiger Eyes stone helps to counter the bad energies that surround us, this stone fights depression, stimulates the will and allows us to free ourselves from our limits.

There are 4 options for you and also you can mix-and-match them together or with your watch for a better effect.

  • Gender: Men
  • Materials: lava stone, Tiger Eyes stone
  • Clasp type: elastic
  • Size: 18cm-21cm


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