Ethnic Joyful Spring Bracelet

The classical red, green and blue are collaborated together to show the unique tribal style. It is like spring is coming to you, and through the little white flower, green beads you will feel the scent of freshness and relaxation.

The Bracelet is carefully handmade which makes it special in every details:

-Dzi Beads: Dzi (pronounced Zee) is a Tibetan word to describe a patterned agate bead of mainly cylindrical or tabular shape called “Heaven’s Bead” in Chinese.

-Bodhi Root: it is the root of the Bodhi tree which regards as Life, Health and Peace.

-Dragon Blood Jade: The stone is named “the bones of Mother Earth”. It has been used as talismans and amulets since recorded history and likely before that.

You can also use it as a necklace as well.


Size: + Length is about 66cm
         + Pendant is about 5.5cm
Material: Dragon Blood Jade, Dzi bead, Bohi Root, Agate, Coconut Slice
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