Ethnic Tagua Nut Pendant Necklace

This one of a kind necklace is hand carved out of all natural Tagua nut. The Tagua Nut is a natural symbol of strength and versatility with its adaptability, meaning it can be stunningly carved into a spiritual form.

Grown on palm trees, tagua nuts are known as "vegetable ivory", an eco- and animal-friendly alternative to animal ivory.  

The disc pendant comes complete with an engraved mantra, none other than The Six True Word "Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum", making it perfect for keeping your spirituality close to you or for use in moments of meditation, yoga, relaxation, and prayer.

The perfect size to hold in your hand or between your fingers for an added feeling of spiritual connection, the pendant hangs from a natural rope twine that expresses the beauty of basic natural forms.

  • Gender: unisex
  • Material: tagua nut
  • Pendant size: 25mm 
  • Length: approx. 380mm

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