Are you feeling that your present is already imperfect? This braclet seems to be perfect to you.

This simple yet sotiphiscated strand design is made of high-quality semi-precious Blue Eagle Eye Stone.

Eagle Eye Stone symblizes eagle's eye, giving a sense of self-confidence in the thinking of its owner. It has been loved as an amulet to pursuit things deeply and make them to your knowledge, like keen eyes that can see through the essence of things

Just like a strong eagle, Eagle Eye Stone has powerful inside energy of giving courage to its owners. You would be able to open up a bright future by awakening your strong will. It provides us a supportive push forwards when you have a dream or a goal that you want to achieve, when you need a progress in love, or when you desire to get rid of your withdrawn manner.

Eagle Eye Stone also has the meanings and properties of bringing out the owner's talents and abilities, then improving the energy flow by removing various obstacles. If you want to get away from your past or stereotypes, this gemstone has energy to open up a new future, and reducing your stress by releasing your true power.

This braclet is suitable for both men and women.

Bead Size: 8mm

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