Good Lucky Charm (Set 3PCS)

- It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and therefore, they can transmit a tremendously powerful energy. When we look at others with hatred or envy, we are sending negative energy and vice versa. Since ancient time people tend to believe that red string bracelets have those mysterious protective capabilities and can save wearer from the "evil eye". This bracelet is believed to achieve a sense of calmness in one's mind and to attract good fortune.
- It is usually worn on the left wrist, since the left hand represents the desire to receive, therefore, it creates a protective aura that keeps the negative energy at bay.
- This bracelet can be worn by any one: adult, the old, the young and even newborns. With the lace-up clasp, it is very easy to adjust the size to fit almost all wrist.
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