Graceful Royal Sandalwood Necklace

This necklace reminds me of the glorious time in the past, back when there were still Queens and Kings in the far-East kingdoms, putting on beautiful costumes and elegant jewelry.

All of these vibes converge in the pendant made of a piece of graceful polished aventurine quartz, with the color of light green and a hint of blue, almost transparent.  

Aventurine meaning has a lot to do with its reputation as the "Stone of Opportunity". It imparts a winning attitude and energy, naturally improving the likelihood of success in all areas of life. The green quartz is ideal for any situation from a first date to getting a promotion at work. Green aventurine healing properties encourage harmony between the auric, emotional, intellectual and physical bodies. 

As for the chain, we use sandalwood beads with two different shapes as you can see in the pictures. Sandalwood helps you obtain peace of mind and calmness.  Sandalwood is one of the best wood in the world, as during using it, deep states of relaxation take place on the spirituallevel. Sandalwood beads are protective and promote a spiritual awareness when worn.


  • Gender: Women
  • Length: approx. 80cm
  • Materials: sandalwood, aventurine quartz
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