Grave Phoenix Antique Bangle

Phoenix symbolism represents a powerful spirit animal that brings with it an unmistakable message.  Let go of the things in your life that are no longer serving you and seek higher consciousness.  The phoenix totem brings us a message of hope and vision.  Never let your current situation or surroundings discourage you or hold you back.  Your time of breakthrough is coming.  

The phoenix is a bird of myth and legend recognized by its golden, red, purple and blue feathers.  Often times the phoenix is depicted as a bird that is cloaked in flames or made up entirely of long tendrils of fire.  Whether covered in feathers or fire this spirit animal brings with it sun energy and cleansing medicine.

Solid and ready to be paired with your favorite timepiece, this cuff will add that sense of strength and pride to your everyday look. 

Diameter: 63mm (2.48 inch)
weight: 27.8g

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