Lightning Stroke Jujube Wood Bracelet

Jujube represents a noble, strong and positive person who benefits people at large, and who is firm and patient in the face of adversities. It is also associated with wealth, prosperity, and fertility.

Often standing in remote places in the desert, the jujube is symbolic of the point beyond which no person may proceed, and even the Angel Gabriel left Mohammed to continue his journey past the Jujube on his own.  As a tree that survives well in arid conditions, the lone Jujube could indeed appear to be standing at the edge of another, unknown world.

The beads were hand-carved with the Six True Words, making the bracelet a special mala that can be used for meditation as well.

Bring it with you to attract good luck and wealth!

  • Gender: unisex
  • Material: jujube wood
  • Beads size: 13mm / 15mm
  • Length: stretchy
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