Power And Status Dragon Bracelet

The Dragon is a must for all aspirations you desire in life 

1. Wearing a dragon dictates multiplication of business branches after branches successfully. Let the Dragon make the magical wonders for you in your business ventures.

2. For those hungry for achievement, knowledge, advancement, fame, authority, power and status, and expect quick and excellent results, wear the dragon when you are making important undertakings.

3. For those who are often sick or not feeling well, let the mighty Dragon blow the cosmic chi and liven up "yang" energy. Wearing a healthy and strong Dragon brings longevity as well.

4. For those hungry for career success, wear the dragon to ensure you are constantly improving and achieving your goals. It will ensure you to continue grasping your opportunities and counter office politics that could harm your progress. 

5. Wearing a dragon with you will also ensure your sheng chi is always at its peak for overall achievement and success in your endeavours. It is also a good protection against evil spirits and people of bad intention.

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