Mind Protection - Sandalwood Mala

Sandalwood stimulates clairvoyance, aids in seeing past lives, healing, clearing, protection, and calms the mind.

Soothing sandalwood is a very supportive meditation tool. Its calming property clears stress from the nervous system. Essential oil applied on the third eye awakens intelligence and dispels depression. Burning the incense and using a sandalwood mala for japa assists in quieting the mind.

With sandalwood, profound states of relaxation take place on the spiritual level. Burning sandalwood incense can support healing work by stimulating a deeper relaxed state in the healer, increasing spiritual energy. Sandalwood also brings ease to the heart and throat chakras.

Sacred Sandalwood holds much spiritual meaning. The paste is used in Hindu religious rituals and ceremonies to cleanse the space. That paste is also applied on the forehead to bring the devotee closer to the Divine.

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