Six Words Mantra Safe-and-Sound Bracelet

Made of dark sandalwood in the form of square beads, this lace-up bracelet helps you obtain peace of mind and calmness. Sandalwood is one of the best wood in the world, as during using it, deep states of relaxation take place on the spiritual level. 

Sandalwood beads are protective and promote a spiritual awareness when worn.

The Six True Words: Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer), Om Mani Padme Hum, out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessingsof Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. Viewing the written form of the mantra is said to have the same effect -- it is often carved into stones, and placed where people can see them. 

This carefully-crafted charm bead made from the finest silver, polished into perfection boasts incredible attention to detail and is sure to impress. 


  • Metals Type: Thai Silver
  • Main beads: 9*9mm Dark sandalwood
  • Length: Adjustable
  • Gender: Unisex
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