The Brilliant Kisses Mala

We strive to produce the most durable malas possible. We use the strongest stringing materials available and inspect our beads prior to stringing. We stand behind our products and give our best to you.

This item is made of wooden beads with many colors added, and especially random wood grain, to give the product a total different look and feel, making it stand out of other usual dark wood malas. 

At the end of the item we put a small metal Bodhisattva charm to add a little shine, finishing the look nicely.

Wearing this mala helps to relax and relieve stress. The wooden fragrance can comfort wearers and make them happy

You can wear it as a fun and chic bracelet as well!

  • Gender: unisex
  • Material: natural wood
  • Size: 2 options: 

- Chain length: 38cm / beads size: 6mm

- Chain length: 50cm / beads size: 8mm

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