The Crown and Skull Bracelet

Exuding power and elegance, the crown bracelet features matte agate beads, interspersed with gunmetal black charms: black zircon plated crown & hexagon, adding to its powerful vibe. 

The skull bracelet is a combination of black agate and hematite, with a black zircon plated skull, adding even more shine to the bracelet.

You can win a dynamic look by pairing these two black metallic bracelets to create a "King of Skull" effect, or let it stand proud and boldly by itself. 

Not only is this set versatile in what you can wear it with, it’s versatile in the look it creates, a chic vibe for the suit clad gentleman or a street style feel for the laid back lad.


  • Gender: Men
  • Materials: matte black agate, hematite, copper, zircon
  • Charm size: 14mm
  • Beads size: 8mm
  • Size: 180mm-210mm
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