The Force Awaken Handmade Bracelet

This black bracelet is handmade with quality Hematite beads, shaped into arrow heads and 8mm matte black Agate stones. If you are looking for a special, long-wearing and affordable bracelet, it is a wonderful choice

The agate properties are to bring the emotional, physical and intellectual balance by removing energy blockages within the body and stabilizes the energy of the physical body. Agate stabilizes the aura.

On the other hand, hematite is particularly effective to anchor and protect. Natural hematite harmonizes the mind, body and spirit.

There is also a beautiful charm bead between the hematite arrows, polished and carved with free-style white patterns, making the bracelet a little bit brighter and cooler.


  • Gender: Men
  • Materials: black agate, hematite.
  • Length: 19cm
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