The Golden Dark Leather Bracelet

Made with high quality supple, smooth, gorgeous genuine leather, it has an easy to use, super strong magnetic clasps plaited stainless steel, adding the radiant shine to help brighten up the bracelet. The product was braided thick and neat in a very unique way, bringing a touch of strength and classiness to wearer.


We use microfiber leather with two colors black and gold, braid them into each other to create such a contrary effect yet the colors still blend together. Really pretty and creative.


On your wrist you will feel the comfort and quality that comes with genuine leather and its simple design can be worn with just about any outfit!


This is the perfect addition to your accessories wardrobe. Understated and classic, this is an everyday bracelet.



  • Gender: men
  • Materials: micro fiber leather, stainless steel
  • Size: 21cm






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