The Heaven Sent Angel Wings bracelet

Angels’ wings are quite magnificent sights to see, and often appear exotic as well. Angel wings are symbolic of soaring to new heights in life. They can also symbolize the will to do good to oneself and to others.

It has long been believed that the simple Red Rope bracelet has protective energy and wearing one of these can protect you from evil and remove the surrounding negative energy and bring peace, harmony and luck into your life.

This product is made with red cotton thread and radiant silver beads, adorned with exotic wing charms, which will definitely bring a gorgeous look to wearer.

  • Gender: women
  • Materials: 925 sterling silver, cotton thread
  • Beads size: 4mm
  • Wings length: 12mm
  • Bracelet size: 15 – 25cm (lace-up clasp)

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