The Kathmandu Artwork Bracelet

We design Buddhist malas with the local Tibetan belief. The malas from Myth of Eastern are not only a tool for praying, but also a beautiful artwork. 

Bodhi in Sanskrit translates to “enlightened” or "awakened," therefore the Bodhi seed means “enlightened seed". Bodhi is also a term in Buddhism to reflect a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things. 

Bodhi seeds are usually used without being polished. In this product, we use the type of seeds that contains dark spots on the surface. To make it more shiny and casual, we added small zinc alloy beads between every Bodhi seed, especially a charm patterned beads designed with hollow sculpture. 

Put on this piece of art to feel the gentleness and comfort coming to your soul.

  • Gender: unisex
  • Material: Bodhi seeds, zinc alloy
  • Size: adjustable

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