The Three Coins Charm Red Rope

This 925 Sterling Silver with three 925 Silver Ancient Coin symbols combined with the Lucky Red Rope bracelet is all about attracting WEALTH.



In Feng Shui, coins are used to attract wealth and prosperity. This delicate, lucky red Rope is attractively set with 925 sterling silver beads and three sterling silver lucky ancient coin charms.



The square center of the coin charm represents the energy of the earth, and the roundness of the coin represents the energy of heaven.



Buddhists believe the color red is an important symbol of life force and compassion.



It has long been believed that the simple Red Rope bracelet has protective energy and wearing one of these can protect you from evil and remove the surrounding negative energy and bring peace, harmony andluck into your life.




  • Gender: women
  • Materials: cotton thread, sterling silver
  • Size: adjustable with the lace-up clasp








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