The Utmost Soul Bracelet

Ever felt like unleashing the wild cat inside you? It is not just a bracelet. This item is a unique attachment to your personality

The bracelet is hand craftedfrom natural stones with a touch of silver that will bring you the feeling of power and classiness at the same time. 

The bracelet is made of beautiful natural Tiger’s eye stones, adorned with 2 patterned metal alloy beads which is long fading resistant, and a glossy black metal bead. Super comfortable to wear.   

Besides the fact that it is a beautiful jewel, this Tiger’s eye bracelet would reconcile your body and your mind with the balance of nature, thanks to the positive vibrations brought by these stones. The crystals, in harmony with nature, can favor the well-being of those who wear it. 


  • Gender: Men
  • Materials: Tiger’s eye, metal alloy.
  • Beads size: 0.6mm
  • Bracelet size: 19cm
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