The Wood and Stone Buddha Bracelet

This Tiger’s eye bracelet is fully handmade with natural stones. Tiger’s eye is the stone of protection, which is traditionally worn as a talisman against spells and curses

It helps people to achieve the internal potentials and encourages clarity of the mind. You can discover your new abilities by wearing it in daily life. In addition, Tiger’s eye balances yin - yang energy, and brings emotional energy to the body; reduces depression and lift up your mood.

The bracelet also have the Buddha charm and wood details which contain the Six True Words, which helps wearer feel the freedom during practice. 

Looks good on both women and men, comes in gold brown color and stretchy. It is true that this beauty is a must-have for everyone and a great gift idea!


  • Gender: men and women
  • Materials: Tiger’s eye, zinc alloy, wood
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