Tibetan Yak Bone Rosary Mala

Bone is used in practice because the more we contemplate the more fruitful our lives become. We begin to live differently and accept that death is inevitable while the path to the end of this life is about service to others, loving all, and being happy in the moment ... through the supposed good And bad.

Yak is an important animal in Tibet as they are used as packing animals for nomadic tribes and to honor their passing they are used in practice. Continuing to be of service as they pass from this consciousness to another.

Tibetan Yak Bone Mala, in Buddhism we use bone to remind us of the impertinence of death, that way we cherish each moment in a different perspective. In Tibet is signifies "abhaya" meaning fearlessness.

Bead size: 7.8mm-8.2mm

Permeter: about 70cm

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