Unconventional Life Handmade Bracelet

One of the best accessories for any casual outfit and looks great with plain v-neck shirts and pendant necklaces. The bangle includes 4 pieces: 2 coconut shellbracelets, a leather piece with metal alloy and a coconut rope. We love how this piece accentuates any outfit. Put it on and you’ll feel stylish and hip.

These smooth yet raw materials are proof of how beautiful nature can be. Light weight and neutral in color, the item brings a wild, healthy and earthy vibe to the outfit. Subtle metal beads accents give the piece a little weight and shine. 

Stunning piece of handmade jewelry! Such a contemporary accessory that is playful and sophisticated. Perfectwith both dressy and casual wear! It goes with everything and can be worn by both men and women! 

Perfect anniversary gift idea.

  • Gender: unisex
  • Materials: coconut shell, metal, leather, coconut rope
  • Length: adjustable about 19cm.

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