Us Forever Obsidian Twins Bracelet

This couple bracelets will help to connectyou and your partner together, that she/he will always stay in your heart and by your side supporting you.

The product is made of black obsidian, which is used to help block negativity of any kind. Because of its reflective, mirror-like surface, obsidian works like a mirror in which we can clearly see our own mistakes and weaknesses, find out who we truly are and our inner peace

The bracelet is also adorned with a bead carved Bodhisattva, and a patron bead with Buddhist words and patterns opposite to the Bodhisattva one. They are also amulets to protect wearers from negative energy and bring peace and calmness to the soul.

The two bracelet have different size, the bigger one is for men and the smaller one is for women. It’s a great gift idea for special occasions: wedding, Valentine’s Day, birthday, etc.

  • Gender: men and women
  • Materials: black obsidian, green stones
  • Beads size: 10mm – 12mm
  • Length: 18cm

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