Wealth and Luck Red Cinnabar Bracelet

The most striking property of cinnabar is its red color. Its bright color makes it easy to spot in the field and is always the highlight of your outfits. 

Cinnabar is an awesome stone that is well composed of the metaphysicalpowers. This talisman is considered as a Stone of Manifestation that is used for wealth creation. Cinnabar is also stimulating to the emotional body, assisting to release buried resentment, anger and fear. It is believed to aid with issues of infertility, sexual dysfunction and the causes of weight issues. 

Besides, the bracelet is adorned with a red PIXIU charm, which is considered a wealth-bringing divine animalwith a dragon's head, a horse's body and a unicorn's feet. In Chinese culture, it is said to have a voracious appetite towards only gold and silver. Therefore, it has always been regarded as an auspicious creature that possessed mystical power capable of drawing wealth from all directions.

It is a great gift idea for your friends and family to chase away bad luck.

  • Gender: unisex
  • Materials: cinnabar stone.
  • Length: for wrist length not more than 18.5cm/7.28inch
  • Beads size: 10mm
  • Charm size: 15mm x 30mm

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