Wealth And Protection - The Pixiu Charm Bracelet

Pixiu is one of the most effective spiritual entities when it comes to snarling wealth. Fengshui masters often invoke the Pixiu to help people to attract more wealth into their lives. To get a Pixiu to help you to attract more wealth, you would have to learn to (1) attract and retain a Pixiu with you and (2) Nourish your Pixiu and help it to learn to snarl more wealth. One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a bracelet. 

By wearing it on your bracelet, you would be able to attract wealth to you wherever you go. Always wear the Pixiu bracelet on your left wrist. NEVER wear it on your right wrist otherwise you are forcing your Pixiu to regurgitate all the wealth that it had gathered. Wearing it on your left wrist would align yourself with the Pixiu’s energy and absorb wealth into your life.

beads size: 12/14mm
Inner circumference: 17/19cm

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