White Lava Stone Handmade Bracelet

This lace-up bracelet is made with white lava beads formed in cylinders, along with the smaller metal beads between each lava stone.

White lava stone beads with a metal central bead carved with Buddhist signs, all threaded onto quality soft brown hemp cord. Two more lava beads have been added to each end of the cords which assist the wearer in opening and closing the slide knot. This bracelet is fully adjustable and is very comfortable to wear. The lava stone helps limit the weight of the bracelet and is actually very lightweight.

The porous nature of the lava beads makes this an ideal bracelet to add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils for your own personal wearable aromatherapy oil diffuser. A few drops of quality oil over about 3 beads will last around 2-3 days.

Unisex bracelet stretches to fit almost any size. For women, men and older children.


  • Gender: unisex
  • Materials: white lava stone, metal, hemp.
  • Size: 19cm – 28cm
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